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Box TrainingAre you 55 years or older?

Does the thought of retirement fill you with anxiety or dread, or does it put a spring in your step?

Do you know how to prepare emotionally?

Do you have an action plan for your retirement?

Maximising your Retirement is an interactive workshop for employees about how to prepare emotionally for retirement – an exciting, yet daunting phase of one’s life development. As retirement is a major life transition which many people find difficult to navigate, Michael’s workshop serves to emotionally prepare employees for retirement by enhancing their awareness through theoretical, emotional, psychological and financial information. Equipped with these tools and a deeper understanding, employees will be able to embrace this stage of their lives with optimism and joy.

  • Maximising your Retirement focuses on:
  • Retirement and its personal meaning
  • The transition into retirement
  • The Generation Gap
  • Money issues
  • Steps for successful retirement
  • Health and psychological factors
  • Retiring

This is a full-day workshop with teas and lunch provided. Each delegate receives a take-home workbook covering the topics discussed during the workshop.

To book for this workshop, call Elana on 083 762 6444